22 years old, wants to spill his guts over the world.
subjects such as veganism, anarchism, sexism, drug-free, homophobia, xenophobia, fascism, racism, equality, capitalism, revolution, atheism, and so on.
My goal is to let people think about stuff we eat every day. About stuff that happens around us. About the killing, the wars, the media, the never-ending list of terrible facts. We do nothing, we do not act, we do not resist, we obey, we consume, we are all enslaved and chained. If I can make people think about what goes on, if I can make people act and take a stand, then my purpose is fullfilled. I will never give up. Collect hands and do something for a better and honest world. QUESTION EVERYTHING YOU THINK IS NORMAL.

Raf de linkse rat number six is finished! Uploading it tomorrow!

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